The Biggest Mistake You Can Make in a Missouri Work Comp Case

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In a Missouri Work Comp Case

Hello this is Springfield, Missouri Workers Compensation Attorney Jason Krebs, and in today’s video I wanted to address something that unfortunately we’ve seen here a couple times recently, the past couple weeks, where people made probably the biggest mistake you can make in a Missouri Work Comp case.

That is, they didn’t report their injury immediately. Now, Missouri law requires that after a workplace injury, that you the injured employee report the injury to your employer within 30 days. Typically, that’s not a big issue as long as the employer acknowledges it, sends you to a doctor. In Missouri, the employer gets to pick the doctor.

So I can’t say the reporting requirement is a recent change in law, but it is a change in law from a few years back. So if you had a workplace injury a long time ago, they were a little more understanding and lenient if you didn’t report it immediately. But every day that you wait, while the law says it’s 30 days, every day that you wait after that injury, you create problems for yourself, or potential problems for yourself.

So the sooner you report, you should report it immediately. If they don’t send you to a doctor immediately, you should report it in writing. Shoot an email or a certified letter. Make sure and keep a copy and have a copy at home, not just at your workplace.

We do offer a book that you can get at our website for Missouri residents, or give us a call 417-883-5886 or 1-800-345-0535.

We handle Missouri Work Comp cases throughout the state of Missouri. But again, if you have been injured, the first thing you should do is get that injury reported and make sure your employer acknowledges that it has been reported.