What Our Clients Say About Their Experience

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At the Krebs Law Firm, we work hard for our clients who can no longer work for themselves. In fact, our detailed preparation is often what tips the scale in winning our cases. Our personal injury attorneys prepare our clients for what to expect at their hearing and we’ll never lose a case due to lack of preparation and effort. Read what our previous clients have said about their experience:

I would like to let anyone who is thinking of applying for Social Security Disability know that the team at the Krebs Law Firm is the one you need to have working for you during this process. They have the experience that is needed to get everything correct from the beginning to the end. Michele is truly great to work with and has such a wonderful personality. It was always great communicating with her. Mr. Krebs knows this process and will handle everything that needs to be done to get your case approved. It is a very terrible feeling knowing that you have an injury that will keep you from being able to support yourself and family through gainful employment. The process is very overwhelming and I would not recommend you go at it alone. I thank God and also the Krebs Law Firm for helping me get through this process. Contact them and let them help with your case. Thanks again!

Victor N.

“Jason Krebs is the only attorney you will ever need period. He cares about each person and family and will do all he can to help you. We called his office in an emergency situation. Court date was set and we thought our law firm was set. Two months before court the law firm called to inform us they quit the case. Called other attorneys and due to us already having a court date no one would take us. Then a blessing straight from the Lord, we called Mr. Krebs office. His assistant took our information and Mr. Krebs was on vacation. He took the phone call from her taking time out of his family vacation and accepted our case. He had very little time to pull it together and not only did he pull it together that fast, he won the case for us. I highly recommend Jason as being the only phone call you need to make and the only Attorney you will ever need. He is kind, plain spoken, explains everything, even after the case was won, he still has called and checked on us. I have the highest regard for Jason and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the best attorney there is. Thank you so very much for all you have done.” – T. Rose

T Rose

“Mr. Krebs and his staff are the best. This was my first time dealing with a personal injury case. They walked me through step by step of what I needed to do. I emailed them all the information and they handled it from there. He fought with the insurance company to get me a fair settlement. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He is professional, kept in contact with me to keep me informed on my case and I would highly recommend him to anybody.” – Matt W.

Matt W

“Becoming disabled is something none of us are ever ready for. Navigating the disabilty system is stressful, but you don’t have to do it alone. Jason and his staff are complete professionals. In fact, by the time we got ready for our hearing Jason knew my medical records better than I did. Jason is passionate about his job and the people he represents. He won my case and I never felt like a paycheck. I always felt like he really cared. He will guide you through it with knowledge and compassion. If you want a GREAT disability attorney call him. Don’t settle for anything less.” – Vicki


“The Krebs Law Firm handled my case swiftly and very professionally. They handled everything for me and talked to me so I understood every step and procedure. The office was pleasant and made me feel at ease through my hardship. The Krebs Law Firm provides tough and aggressive legal representation.” – Trudy N.

Trudy N

“When I was involved in a hit and run while riding my bicycle I contacted The Krebs Law Firm. Jason Krebs walked me through the process and was able to get compensation for not only my medical bills but the cost to replace my equipment. Jason Krebs is an experienced lawyer and I would highly recommend him.” – Cale M.

Cale M

“Jason Krebs was a consummate professional from beginning to end who won my father’s case after his disability claim was originally denied. He and his team were instrumental in helping us gather the necessary paperwork for my dad’s appeal and secured a victory for us at his hearing. I have nothing but positive things to say about The Krebs Law Firm and the assistance they provided us.” – Heather C.

Heather C

“I highly recommend Jason Krebs to anyone who is having problems getting their disability benefits and in need of an attorney. He held my hand and soothed my nerves through the whole process to a successful conclusion.” – Linda M.

Linda M

“Applying for social security disability benefits can be a stressful and confusing task. Having an attorney who understands the system and is able to explain the process concisely yet in simple terms makes the process more tolerable. Jason Krebs is considerate, thorough, and extremely professional. He is a strong communicator who willingly fights for the benefits he believes you are entitled to. In short, he gets it done.” – Mary F.

Mary F

“I am very pleased with how my case was handled. Mr. Krebs was very helpful in advising me and preparing me. He made sure I understood the process and spent as much time as needed helping me prepare. He is very knowledgeable and honest. I couldn’t have had a better lawyer represent me.” – Paul


“Jason Krebs was knowledgeable about how the Social Security Disability system works and did a great job communicating that to me. I followed all of his instructions and in the end I was awarded my SSD. I was impressed with his demeanor and professionalism.” – Tamara


“The Krebs Law Firm did an excellent job helping me obtain my social security after illness left me unable to work. I obtained their services after my claim was turned down by social security. Jason was professional, explained the process in detail, provided helpful advice and was successful in obtaining my benefits. I highly recommend him.” – Randy


“Jason Krebs got my disability for me because he believed that I deserved it. He fought and pled my case for me and thanks to him, I won! Thank you Mr. Krebs.” – Kathy


“Applying for disability is a confusing and overwhelming experience – especially in light of the emotional turmoil caused by a sudden disability and all the resultant life changes that follow. I was left to care for a family member after a stroke changed her entire life, and Jason provided just the direction and reassurance that we needed to ensure that her new circumstances could be managed long-term. He was the support we needed during that especially vulnerable time, and I can’t thank him enough for providing that service to us. I’d highly recommend Jason Krebs to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation, and needing someone for direction and guidance in caring for themselves or a loved one.” – Jenna H.

Jenna H

“I was looking on line about SS disability. I ran across Mr Krebs online help books . I downloaded the one for SS disability and read it. I have a disability and did not know really how to proceed. His information was awesome it gave me the truth what I was up against. I called him. He returned my call and we talked it over … Mr Krebs told me to watch out for paper work that would be sent to me and I needed to take special care on how to fill it out . It was about 2 weeks later I got the paperwork and as to his word said he would look over it and added some things. …. I can a sure you the small details he provided free to me were priceless! . I felt if I had not gotten a proved the 1st time, Mr Krebs had me prepared for him to step in if need be with all of us on the same page . That’s what it takes to WIN ! Mr Krebs put me in a winning place . I would recommend to everyone if you want to win your Disability claim he is the man ! God Bless”-F Cheek

F Cheek

Great Attorney !! Great Staff !! I had an absolute wonderful experience with Jason and all his staff with Krebs Law Firm. Jason really showed interest in my situation and stood up for me like a true professional. When I started looking for an attorney , I was so confused and afraid of how to go about it. At the time I was physically and mentally exhausted. God blessed me by leading me to this law firm. I got an appointment with Jason to discuss representing me for Social Security Disability. I sensed immediately that he cared and he allowed me to describe my situation in detail while he listed tentatively. My case had some challenges but I could tell right away that I was lead to a great person who was interested in fighting for me. Jason walked me through it all and was very passionate and caring. He stood up for me during one of the toughest times in my life. He won my case !!! It felt great leaving the disability hearing a winner!!! There are lots of advertisements out there for attorneys, you never know who to pick…. You have a lot riding on things to not pick the right person….Jason and his law firm are the real deal. I found that out by first hand experience. If you are looking for a law firm that will be you advocate, your warrior during your time of need, I recommend you choose Jason Krebs and his firm. –Teresa V

Teresa V

I did a lot of research before choosing Krebs Law Firm to represent me, and I chose well. Jason Krebs handles your case personally, and he knows disability law inside, out, backwards and forwards. If you follow all of his suggestions, you stand a good chance of winning. He makes sure you understand every detail, and exactly what to expect at your hearing. By the time your hearing comes around, you and he will be well prepared. Two years of struggle to have my appeal heard left me feeling hopeless. Jason is a bulldog and he takes cases to win. He won my case, and the hearing went like a breeze. For the first time in what seems like forever, I can finally exhale. There is no other attorney as professional, knowledgeable and hard-working as Jason Krebs. –Jennifer K

Jennifer K

After working 37 1/2 years at my job which was very physical and heavy work, I had to have shoulder surgery. My neck, back and other shoulder was also giving me problems. After surgery I could not continue to do my job. I filed for disability and was denied so I started looking for an attorney to help me. I talked to a local attorney and he told me I was not on enough pain medication for him to take my case. I got on the internet and Jason’s site was the one that impressed me the most. I called and told them my story and Jason said he would take my case.I was so relieved, by this time I was so stressed and I felt like I had messed up everything, was ready to give up and just wanted someone to take care of it for me. Everyone I talked to was very courteous and when it came time for my hearing Jason called me twice so that I would not have to drive 100 + miles to see him.He went thru everything and calmed my nerves and made sure I understood what to expect at my hearing.I was impressed with Jason at my hearing he was well prepared and very professional. I received a call from Jason after about 2 weeks congratulating me that I had won my case. Once again he made sure that he answered any of my questions. I would highly recommend using Jason and his staff. I wish I would of found him sooner. He helped me through a very stressful and difficult process. I am so thankful that the first attorney turned me down I don’t think I would of had the same outcome.- Susan V.

Susan V

After going through other attorney’s, and loosing I chose The Krebs Law Firm. Mr Krebs showed compassion, and a true concern about me, and my case. He did what the other two large firms couldn’t. HE WON MY CASE FOR ME!! Thank you so much! If you haven’t won your case, you should try the Krebs Law Firm, you won’t be sorry! – Rachael H.

Rachael H

Jason and his staff were great! Thanks to their compassion as well as their attention to detail, they won the case for my family member!!! When you see a person who has always taken great pride in providing for their family endure the physical and spiritual challenges of becoming disabled it is very difficult. Along with them feeling physically ill, they feel as if they are disappointing the people that they love and have always provided for. Many times the transition from provider to dependent puts them in the most difficult time of their life. They posses the desire to contribute but due to their disabilities , they do not have the ability to. TIME is of the essence, they are in a VERY difficult position. It is very important that you help them find IMMEDIATE knowledgeable, effective representation. When searching the web I looked at websites, I read reviews, it becomes overwhelmingly difficult to make a choice because it is so important. I liked what I read about Jason Krebs and his staff. It turned out… the great reviews that I read were true!!! We were all very pleased with the outcome. Jason and his team won the case!!! I seen the light of hope restored in my family members eyes!!! Jason communicated effectively and prepared us for the hearing. Jason also came to the hearing very prepared. During the hearing, Jason responded very effective to all questions asked by the Adminstative Law Judge and other parties involved. My family member was awarded the best possible result in the case and left the hearing a winner!!! I recommend Jason and his team!!! –GJ Vance

GJ Vance

I visited with Jason regarding an ongoing health issue and the possibility of receiving disability and/or disability pension. Jason was very sympathetic to my situation and extremely knowledgable about disability law. He gave me some very helpful advice, encouragement and what steps I should take if I choose to pursue a claim. I appreciate his advise and his time out of his busy schedule to help me. Thank you very much.- Kathy


Mr. Krebs was extremely thorough and helpful from beginning to end. He took the time to know my medical records, employment history, and all aspects of the case. I couldn’t be more pleased with his representation which resulted in a favorable finding the day of my hearing. I observed several people waiting for hearings that were represented by large firms who stated they had never met with their attorneys. I highly recommend Krebs Law Firm! – Sandi


Five stars all the way through the process, starting with my free initial consultation with Mr. Krebs and then keeping me informed throughout the process. Special thanks to Brigitte, who kept me updated via email and by phone. Krebs Law Firm worked to maximize my settlement and made it a seamless process. If 10 stars were an option, they’d receive it. If you’re needing a work comp attorney, make them your first call.

Jeff M.