A personal injury is a legal term for any injury to the mind or body in which another party can be found at fault – or negligent. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to one of the described accident and injury types or even through others not listed, you could have a personal injury case. A personal injury attorney can possibly help you get the best economic recovery and the most money for your pain and suffering and to ensure payment of your current and future medical bills; car, truck, motorcycle repair bills; and lost wages; as well as, recover any other expenses and losses resulting from your injuries.

Just like in home repair projects, there is a time to be a Do-It-Yourselfer and a time to call in professionals. If you have been severely injured, it is a serious matter and is in your best interests to use an experienced personal injury legal professional (licensed attorney/lawyer) to help you. Generally, it is the insurance companies who pay the compensation for an accident or personal injury case and having a good attorney will make the insurance company take you more seriously. A personal injury attorney will also advise and help you avoid signing or saying something that the insurance company can use against you and get the best outcome for you.

The initial consultation with a lawyer at The Krebs Law Firm for a personal injury claim is free of charge. If we agree to handle your injury case, we will work on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid for our legal services only if there is a monetary recovery of funds for you. Please note that you, as the client, may still responsible for certain expenses or costs associated with your personal injury case regardless of the outcome. Such costs, if any, will be clearly identified to you by your lawyer.

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I’m tired of seeing good people being short changed by lawyers with clever advertising who are giving a bad name to great attorneys who are true advocates for the clients. We want to show you how you can find the best attorney for your case at no additional expense to you.
We hate to see insurance companies take advantage of consumers who don’t know better.


Absolutely not. This is not a solicitation for your personal injury lawsuit. We spend a lot of time speaking with and giving guidance to people who contact our firm for general advice and guidance in personal injury cases. This free book is simply a way for you to get important information to read in the comfort of your home, and without the anxiety that may come with contacting a lawyer directly. Frankly, many times people do not need an attorney, and we tell them why. With our free materials, you should be well armed to determine if you need an attorney, and if so, to find the right attorney to represent you.

This book is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice, as all claims are different and based on the facts of your particular case.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover when you open the pages of this book:

    • How to properly handle inquiries from the insurance company… it’s sad, but being a “nice guy” and answering “a few simple questions” can cost you dearly!
    • Keys to determining just how much your case is worth – the many different factors that can literally mean thousands, if not tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars.
    • 8 ways to make sure any lawyer you choose to represent you can make the most effective arguments on your behalf.
    • DANGERS of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – the key mistakes you do NOT want to make on Social Media immediately after your accident and while your case is being settled.
    • What to do if the insurance company offers to pay your medical bills… do NOT just jump at the chance, it could well be a big WARNING sign going off!
    • 6 common mistakes you do NOT want to make that could negatively affect your case in a big way.

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In many cases, if you have been a personal injury victim, a lawsuit must be filed by a lawyer in response to your injury or accident before a certain expiration date. This date is known as a statute of limitations and can vary by state laws or by the type of case. Failure to have a lawyer file your injury claim by the applicable statue of limitation may forever void your claim, so please call right away to ensure that you do not waive your right to possible compensation for your injury and related expenses. Remember, the initial meeting to discus your personal injury case is free of charge.

That’s why I created a service I’m calling My 5 Point “Accept No Limits” Consultation – it has a real retail value of $299, but because I want to help as many people as I can get the answers they need during times of extreme hardship and difficulty, I’m making a limited number of these available at absolutely no charge. All you need to do is call my office at (417) 883-5886 or Toll Free at (800) 345-0535 to reserve your spot.

Here are the different elements of what you’ll experience during this in-depth consultation:

  1. A Real, Live Face-to-Face Meeting. We’ll meet face-to-face to discuss the specific details of your accident and what happened. You won’t be filling out a web-based data entry form, sending an email, sitting on hold waiting for a real human to answer – you and I will sit down in a room and talk things through. We’ll get to know each other the old-fashioned way – where we can share and learn from each other.
  2. A Comprehensive Situational Assessment. I’ll let you tell your story in your own words – you talk, I listen. As appropriate, I’ll ask questions to help you recall ALL the details – to make sure we both end up with an identical picture of exactly what happened that put you in this situation.
  3. A Preliminary Documentation Review. I’ll conduct a preliminary review of any supporting documentation you have that’s relevant to the accident and situation – this includes photographs, accident reports, police investigation notes, citations, and any witness statements. In addition, I’ll review information about your accident and injury, which could include repair bills, doctor’s notes, emergency room notes, photographs, X-Ray results and MRI results. In addition, I’ll check to see how your automobile insurance and health insurance factors into your current and potential future situation.
  4. An Honest and Open Q&A Session. I’ll answer any questions that you may have – such as how medical treatments will get paid for, how long the overall process will take, potential awards from the Insurance company, costs of litigation, and more. I’ll be open, honest, and do everything I can to answer your questions to the best of my ability.
  5. Your Customized “Next Steps to Fairness” Proposal. Finally, after going over your situation, I’ll lay out in clear, easy-to-understand language, what I see as the strengths and weaknesses of your case. In addition, you’ll walk away with specific suggestions on what I see as your best course of action moving forward.

GUARANTEE: While I can’t guarantee ultimate results, I will guarantee our conversation will provide clear, actionable information that you can use to move forward with confidence knowing you’ve received timely and prudent advice.


Have your injuries kept you from working for at least a year? If so, you may have a Social Security Disability claim in addition to a personal injury case. We can help you with both and will explore all legal options to get you compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

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