“SSA had denied me 4 times and I needed someone fast. Krebs Law Firm was highly recommended. I did my research, as everyone should, and found them to be exactly who I needed to represent me. Once they accepted my case, the magic started. I actually started seeing results in motion.

Jason Krebs and Laura Lebak were extremely informative and thorough concerning my needs. I can’t imagine anyone using anybody else for their disability case. Once the trial started, Jason opened up his can of whoop a$$, and had me approved and out of court in 15 minutes.

I was extremely flabbergasted on how easy Krebs Law Firm made it be.

After being approved, the SSA fell into their routine of hurry up and wait attitude.

Laura would answer my desperate cries of how bad off I was in needing SSA checks and how depressed I was getting. She was genuinely concerned and made the necessary calls and keeping me up to date on everything.

It truly put me at ease. Once the first check arrived, I was so elated that I wanted to jump through the phone and give’m a big kiss.

Remarkable, professional, caring, and thorough.

Honesty in the beginning, and favorable results in the end. What else can you ask for?

I highly recommend Krebs Law Firm, to EVERYONE!

Thanks Jason and Laura!!”

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