“Jason and his staff were great! Thanks to their compassion as well as their attention to detail, they won the case for my family member!!! When you see a person who has always taken great pride in providing for their family endure the physical and spiritual challenges of becoming disabled it is very difficult. Along with them feeling physically ill, they feel as if they are disappointing the people that they love and have always provided for. Many times the transition from provider to dependent puts them in the most difficult time of their life. They posses the desire to contribute but due to their disabilities , they do not have the ability to. TIME is of the essence, they are in a VERY difficult position. It is very important that you help them find IMMEDIATE knowledgeable, effective representation. When searching the web I looked at websites, I read reviews, it becomes overwhelmingly difficult to make a choice because it is so important. I liked what I read about Jason Krebs and his staff. It turned out… the great reviews that I read were true!!! We were all very pleased with the outcome. Jason and his team won the case!!! I seen the light of hope restored in my family members eyes!!! Jason communicated effectively and prepared us for the hearing. Jason also came to the hearing very prepared. During the hearing, Jason responded very effective to all questions asked by the Adminstative Law Judge and other parties involved. My family member was awarded the best possible result in the case and left the hearing a winner!!! I recommend Jason and his team!!!”

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