Can I apply for early retirement and disability in Missouri at the same time? Social Security Lawyers

Can I apply for early retirement and disability in Missouri at the same time? Social Security Lawyers

Hello this is Springfield Missouri Social Security Lawyers Jason Krebs and in todays video we answer the question “Can I apply for early retirement as well as Social Security Disability in Missouri?” and the answer is “Yes” you can if you are over the age of 62 you can apply for early retirement.

There will be a penalty to do so every month that you apply before your full retirement age. There will be a fraction of the percent of your retirement benefits that will be forfeited basically taken away from you and that is a permanent forfeiture you lose that for the rest of your life.

So if you retired at sixty-two you have a twenty five percent reduction in your benefits and that would be for your life. You wouldn’t go up to your full retirement in your benefits at your full retirement at age, so there are same real benefits if you’re successful with your social security disability.

If you have a physical and mental or combination of issues that keep you from working there are some real advantage to you applying for disability and if you’re successful than you wouldn’t, lose money for retiring early. You would get your full retirement at your full retirement age and you would draw disability until you reach that full retirement age. It’s important when you’re over the age of fifty but certainly when you’re over the age of sixty that you consult with an lawyer before you apply because you have a lot of advantages under the law but if you don’t do things properly you can lose a lot of those advantages.

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