Can I draw Missouri unemployment while waiting for Social Security Disability? Missouri Disability Lawyers

Hello this is Springfield Missouri Social Security Disability lawyer Jason Krebs. In today’s video we thought we’d ask the question that we recently received “can I draw Missouri unemployment while I’m waiting on my social security disability case to be decided?”

While the law says there’s nothing to keep you from getting that money that you might be drawing through Missouri unemployment. However make no mistake that this will significantly and negatively impact your social security case.

The reason being when you apply to social security disability you are signing a document with Uncle Sam i.e. the federal government that says “I can’t work”. When you file for Missouri unemployment you state that “I’m ready, willing and able to work”.

Those two things are obviously mutually exclusive, you can’t tell one group that you can’t work and another group that you can to try to get money from both of them and then expect to be very successful. This was something that used to happen a lot but has become very much disfavored now in the Social Security Administration.

I don’t have any good answers as to how you are going to survive while waiting, but make no mistake it will negatively affect your case, even to the point that it would be fatal to your claims.

So it’s something that you need to think about before pursuing either one Missouri unemployment or social security disability benefits. If you have any questions give us a call 417-883-5886 or 800-345-0535 we do offer free downloadable books on our website Thanks for watching.

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