Can I Be Approved For Social Security Disability in Harrison Arkansas For Migraines?

Migraine headaches can vary in frequency and intensity. Hard-hitting regular migraines make it difficult for an individual to carry on regular work. There are no hard and fast guidelines from the Social Security Administration that determines if a chronic migraine sufferer can qualify for Social Security disability.

It can prove especially difficult, as guidelines state that impairment needs to be backed up by medical evidence from an accepted medical source. However, if you can prove that chronic migraine headaches affect your ability to work, it’s certainly possible.

Several work-related areas that could be impacted by migraines include your ability to comprehend instructions, concentrate or lift objects. Many sufferers are unable to even function in areas where there is significant light. These factors would be considered when determining your eligibility.

Keep in mind that you can still be denied if the SSA determines that you are capable of possibly engaging in an alternate form of full-time employment. Other areas called vocational factors are also considered, which include your age, education and past employment.

Medical records are important. Simply claiming to suffer from chronic migraines isn’t enough. You’ll also need to provide medical proof that you’ve been diagnosed with such a condition. Check with your doctor to see that you actually have a legitimate case.

Having a family history of migraines or having tests performed can substantiate your claim. Migraines may also be part of a more serious underlying condition that could greatly increase your odds of qualifying for benefits.

In addition, the SSA wants to be certain you’re doing everything you can to treat your condition. Pain, anti-nausea or other medications may be prescribed by your doctor. The more information you can provide to prove your credibility, the higher likelihood the SSA will rule in your favor.

There are many factors involved in migraine claims for Social Security disability. If you have any questions, call a migraine disability attorney in Harrison Arkansas today. The Krebs Law Firm can evaluate your case and help you along your way.

If your initial Social Security Disability claim has been denied, be sure to contact an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in Harrison Arkansas. Our Harrison Arkansas SS Disability lawyer will be able to guide you through the steps of your disability appeal. These steps may include gathering and submitting additional evidence, getting medical opinions from your doctors, and reviewing your file to determine the best steps to take to win your appeal.

Social Security Disability law is complicated, and it’s understandable that you may have questions. Call us at 870-741-8100 today and get the opinion of a Social Security Disability lawyer in Harrison Arkansas about whether your chronic migraines will qualify for a disability case.