Can I Win My Harrison Arkansas Disability Case Without My Doctor’s Help?

This is Harrison Arkansas Disability Attorney Jason Krebs. In today’s video, we answer the question that a lot of people call us about and they’ll say, “My doctor won’t fill out paperwork or won’t support my social security disability case.”

Now, just being honest, that can be problematic in some instances depending on the whole of your medical records. If there are other things in your records that are significant, if you have MRIs showing severe degenerative problems in your back, then even if your doctor won’t fill out paperwork or won’t support you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a good case and couldn’t win your disability case if you did apply or did go through the appeals process. If there’s not much else to support your problems, then yes, it could be a problem.

But the main thing that you can do to help with that is be consistent. Tell every medical professional that you come across: nurse, doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner that you’re dealing with, be consistent in your complaints. Be descriptive in your complaints. Tell them how your problems are affecting your day to day life.

For instance, if you have a diabetic neuropathy in your hands and you’re dropping dishes or you’re having trouble driving across town because your hands are falling asleep, these are the things that you should be documenting with your doctor, if you’re having problems standing for any period of time or sitting. You should do this, you should tell them this is happening every time you go in and see a healthcare provider.

Likewise, if you’re having medication side effects, it’s very important to make sure and document that what’s happening to you.

Even though it may say it right on the pill bottle, if it’s making you drowsy or giving you bathroom issues, I know those things can be embarrassing to talk about, but that’s something you do need to talk about and document, because those can affect your ability to work an eight hour day, be consistent, and be a good employee.

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