Common SSD Misconceptions Solved With Arkansas Disability Attorney

Filing for Social Security Disability on your own can be complicated and there are mixed messages all over the place. At The Krebs Law Firm, we hear many myths and misconceptions about filing for Social Security Disability. As an experienced Arkansas disability attorney, we help our clients cut through the confusion and get the compensation they deserve.

Once You Claim Social Security Disability You’re Considered Permanently  Disabled

In many cases, disability may end up being permanent if the person’s condition never improves. However, some people do manage to improve their health over time to the point where they can resume working normally. When that happens, they would no longer classify as disabled.

Drug And Alcohol Abuse Is An Automatic Denial

Not necessarily. If your misuse of drugs and alcohol ends up being a contributing factor for why you became disabled, then that might lead to a denial for SSD. But if your history with drugs and alcohol are unrelated to the reason that you’re disabled, then you aren’t automatically disqualified.

Only Those Close To Retirement Age Can Quality For Social Security Disability

People often misunderstand SSD to be something exclusively for older folks. The reality is, anyone who suffers some sort of life changing injury can potentially be eligible for Social Security Disability.

Keep in mind that the amount you receive is determined by the amount of Social Security that you’ve paid into the system over the years, so older workers tend to gain more benefits due to contributing more money over their lifetime.

You Can’t Receive Social Security Disability And Still Work

Many people who are disabled are still able to work to some extent depending on the severity of their injuries. As of 2021, disabled workers are allowed to make up to a maximum of $1,310 per month, or up to $2,190 if they are blind.

Hiring An Arkansas Disability Attorney Isn’t Worth The Money

Don’t shy away from hiring a Social Security disability lawyer because you feel like you’ll spend more money than you earn. Social Security Disability lawyers are typically only paid if you win your case, and their compensation is limited to a percentage of your benefits.

So SSD attorneys have an incentive to get you the most compensation that you qualify for and statistics show that those who utilize a disability lawyer make more money than they spend for their services and come out ahead in the long run.

Don’t let these common myths and misconceptions about Social Security disability cause you to miss out on any potential benefits that you deserve. Look to the expertise of The Krebs Law Firm for help. If there’s anything you’re unsure of regarding Social Security Disability, let us know during your free consultation. You can be well-informed and well-prepared to win your case.

It can be daunting learning the ins and outs of Social Security Disability benefits, but it’s not a task you need to take on alone. Call on an Arkansas Disability Attorney from the Krebs Law Firm to help you every step of the way, whether you’re applying for Social Security Disability or have already been approved. Call the Krebs Law Firm today for a free consultation at (870) 741-8100.

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