Does Long COVID Qualify For Missouri Social Security Disability Benefits?

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic has tapered off, its long term effects are still being felt. Especially for those who still suffering symptoms that contracted it years ago. Some estimates say up to 23 million are still dealing with long-term effects, also known as “long COVID”, months or even years after being diagnosed.

Some of these long term effects include fatigue that keeps them from being able to work, cognitive impairment, and joint and muscle pain among other things. Long COVID can even affect various organ systems and cause tissue damage.

Some of these after effects have been so severe that, according to a Washington Post article, there has been a dramatic influx of people who can now be considered disabled after contracting the illness.

The Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services say that if the after effects of COVID “substantially limits one or more major life activities”, then it can be considered a disability. That applies to a lot of Americans.

Many workers with long COVID have had to cut back their work hours or quit working entirely, which can be devastating for a household’s income. Many of them also don’t get the treatment they deserve, especially those in marginalized communities.

Some are hoping that the influx of long COVID disabilities will draw more attention to the importance of providing adequate disability coverage to help those in such straits.

Good disability coverage for all who need it is an essential American right. If your life has been impacted by COVID to the point where it limits your life, prevents you from being able to work or keeps you from making a decent living, you should be able to receive the help you need, whether that is Social Security Disability benefits or some other form of disability assistance.

Every person’s situation is different, but you have nothing to lose by seeing if your condition qualifies you for disability assistance. There’s no need to stand by worrying about your future income and life prospects. Disabled Americans, whether due to COVID or other ailments, deserve help and support, and at The Krebs Law Firm, we pride ourselves in helping our clients fight for their needs and rights.

If you have become disabled and have yet to apply for SSD benefits, the reasons for doing so as soon as possible are clear. Have you perhaps hesitated to apply because you’re unsure of what to do? Or maybe you worry that your application will be denied? Consulting a Social Security disability lawyer can give you the confidence boost you need.

If you seek the help of a Social Security Disability attorney in Missouri with your claim, the Krebs Law Firm has years of experience in helping our clients receive the Social Security Disability benefits that they rightly deserve in as timely a manner as possible. We know the ins and outs of the SSD process and would be happy to work with you.

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