Does Work History Impact Case For Disability Attorney Springfield Missouri

This is Missouri disability lawyer, Jason Krebs. And this is the third in our video series of “Do I Have a Good Disability Case?” Do I Have a Strong Disability Case? #3 Work History

And the third thing that we think factors in to whether you have a good disability case or not is your work history. Have you worked and paid taxes, paid into the system steadily?

First of all, are you covered? There are two programs under the Social Security. There’s the disability insurance program, SSD, or sometimes called DI Title 2. And then there’s Title 16, which is SSI. And there are, SSI is for people that haven’t paid in, and it’s a need-based system. In addition to being medically, meet the requirements medically, you have to meet the requirements financially. And it’s exceptionally low and very harsh, unfortunately. And it’s a limited benefit.

With the DI program, or the disability insurance program, when you work and pay taxes – be it your FICA taxes that come out of your payroll, or be it self-employment taxes – if you’ve accumulated enough quarters, 20 of the last 40 quarters, you should be insured under the program which makes it easier for your disability attorney in Springfield Missouri to help win your case.

Now, what Social Security really likes is when you have a really strong work history, especially if you’ve had one or two jobs. That makes the case even stronger in my opinion because, contrary to what some news channels will tell you, nobody in their right mind quits a good paying job to go try to do, get through the Social Security disability program. And the judges typically recognize that.

So if you’ve had a good job for a number of years, always paid in, especially if you’re a high earner, and there’s the medical documentation, that really you’re not going to be able to show up to do any job or certainly anything that you’d be qualified for. And if you watched our other videos, you know age is going to factor into that.

It’s going to be different for some people, what rules that they’re operating under. Those over 50 have different rules than those under 50. But if you’re over 50, you certainly want to contact us – if you’re in Missouri or Arkansas – before you apply.

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