Don’t take offense. Take Action If a Springfield Social Security Lawyer Tells You your Case is Weak

Don’t take offense. Take Action If a Springfield Social Security Lawyer Tells You your Case is Weak.

First, the fact that you need the money or are in desperate circumstances DOES NOT mean your case is a sure winner.

Second, If your Springfield Social Security Lawyer tells you that you need more treatment records it’s because he is trying to win your case and believes that is the best course of action (it is). Don’t Take Offense. Take Action!

Third, there is a lot of advice that you will likely receive from friends, family, acquaintances and former coworkers as you make your way through the Social Security disability process and are waiting for your hearing at the Springfield Missouri ODAR.

A lot of this advice is well intentioned… and terrible.

You must take action to get your medical conditions documented with a doctor. Period. Don’t Take Offense. Take Action!

A lot of this “advice” from friends, family and neighbors is little more than someone basically bragging that they got approved on the application and didn’t have to go through what you are going through. This advice is usually terrible. They may be telling you what you want to hear.

For instance maybe a friend or family member is loaning you money and know thinks they know what is best for you. Now they are an expert on SSA law because they are not happy with the wait. They tell you “you have enough medical records…its obvious you are disabled …your lawyer is just dragging this out” or things of that nature.

Now nobody is happy about the wait of these cases, but it is important to listen to your disability lawyer, not the neighborhood or family know it all. If your case was a “slam dunk” or “obvious” you would have won on the application. .

Your not doing yourself any favors by listening to the armchair quarterbacks in your life. If you hire a Springfield Social Security Lawyer listen to them!

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