File For Unemployment Or Missouri Work Comp During COVID-19?

This is Springfield Missouri work comp lawyer, Jason Krebs, and in today’s video we thought we’d answer a question. It is March 30th of 2020. We’re dealing with the COVID-19 virus right now, and the question that we had was, should I just file for unemployment and not pursue my Missouri workers’ compensation case?

Now, I think there’s a real incentive or it may look really attractive to somebody with those enhanced unemployment benefits that the federal government may be offering here. But I think the long-term picture that you have to think very hard about is the healthcare side of things. Because if you don’t file the work comp case, you probably don’t have any way to get treatment for that Springfield Missouri work comp injury.

And then at the end, while these short-term unemployment benefits may be very good for the next couple of months or so, but if you’re still injured, unable to work, that’s probably not going to be a real good deal for you. And then ultimately you’re entitled to a permanent injury award that you would not get just if you did not file your claim.

Now, again, you have to remember you only have 30 days, and you should give that notice in writing to your employer that you were injured at work. You can do that via email or something like that, if they don’t send you to the doctor immediately.

But there are a lot of things, a lot of factors inward that may not be a really good idea long term for you to not file your case or just let your case go and go file for unemployment. You should contact a Springfield Missouri Work Comp lawyer immediately.

If you do file for unemployment, they will cut your Temporary Total Disability off anyway, and then once that employment runs out, they don’t have to pick the TTD back up. So if you’ve got a severe injury, that may not be a really a good thing for you long term to do.

If you have any other questions on Missouri workers’ compensation, we do handle cases statewide. Our number is (417) 883-5886. We do have an 800 number, 1-800-345-0535. Be happy to talk to you. Hope everybody stays safe and thanks for watching.