Hire A Missouri Work Comp Lawyer For Back Injuries Requiring Surgery

Back injuries on the job are fairly common, but not all back injuries require the services of a Missouri work comp lawyer. Some back injuries, such as strains or sprains, are fairly minor. However, some workplace back injuries are severe to the point of needing back surgery, and that’s where things can become complicated fast.

If you have intense pressure on your spine, your doctor may recommend a type of spinal decompression surgery called a laminectomy. This surgery involves the removal of the lamina and/or several bone spurs and ligaments to give your spinal column more room.

Another type of spinal surgery is a discectomy, which removes a portion of a herniated disc that is putting pressure on the spine. Other types of back surgeries, such as spinal fusion, could possibly be recommended as well.

For any type of back surgery to repair a work injury, determining the best course of action is one you definitely don’t want to take on alone. These are the situations when you need a Missouri work comp lawyer the most.

Insurance companies may try to convince you to seek alternative treatment options that are less costly, such as physical therapy. There may be merit to what they say, but sometimes they simply don’t want to foot the bill for a costly back surgery.

If surgery is recommended by your doctor, getting the insurance company to agree to it can be a long, drawn out process, which only gives your back problems time to worsen. The amount of work involved between all parties can feel overwhelming. Especially when you’re in pain and unable to work with bills piling up.

This is where an experienced Missouri work comp lawyer can shine for you. The Krebs Law Firm has experience in navigating complex medical situations involving surgery, dealing with insurance companies and doctors to see that their clients receive whatever care they need without having to settle for less.

The Krebs Law Firm has a great deal of experience with all sorts of workers compensation cases, including back surgery cases. Don’t be overwhelmed and stressed determining the best course of action for your case when you can have us at your side.

There is no upfront cost to hiring a Missouri Work Comp lawyer for your claim. If have a potential Missouri work comp case based on a severe back injury that requires surgery, you should speak to a Missouri Workers Compensation attorney sooner rather than later.

Utilize our years of expertise to get you the compensation you deserve and help you along each step of the way.

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