Hiring a Springfield Missouri Car Accident Attorney

Another reason I hear from people as to why they are apprehensive about contacting a personal injury lawyer for their car accident–They don’t want to look like they are chasing money or are greedy. To this I say, that is definitely NOT what hiring a Springfield Missouri Car Accident Attorney after an accident is all about.

First, if you are hurt in a car accident, the other driver who may have caused the accident is likely not going to have to write you a check for any damages. Don’t feel bad for that poor high school kid or sweet old lady who was so upset after hitting your car. Who pays in an accident is the insurance company. Think AIG, Shelter Insurance, Allstate, and Progressive and not the sweet old lady. This is why Missouri law requires drivers to carry auto insurance and this is the purpose for having auto insurance.

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After you are hurt in a car accident, you can have a lot of new expenses. We all know health care is very costly. Even if you are fortunate to have health insurance, there are deductibles and uncovered procedures. You will certainly have repairs to your car and maybe even a temporary rental car while yours is in the shop. You may have missed work while in the hospital without sick days or vacation days (or after you used those) and you had no income. Extra therapy may be required for your recovery that your health insurance won’t cover, or you have to take unpaid time off work for therapy since you may have used all your sick days and vacation time. Additionally, you may be injured so that you cannot work the same job or enjoy the same activities. Lastly, there may be future medical expenses do to the long term effects of your injuries. These are all costs that you are now paying as the result of a car accident that was not your fault.

It is not definitely not selfish to ask that the responsible party’s insurance company pay for these unexpected expenses and even for your related pain and suffering. No sane person would willing choose to be involved in a serious car accident just for the money. It is too disruptive to your life, your family, your goals and causes too much uncertainty for your future.

As a car accident lawyer, I turn down clients every day who are just trying to make a claim for the money. They usually don’t have a case and even if they do, it certainly isn’t a case I want. If you are hurt from a car accident, call an experienced lawyer for help. Get an expert to do the work for you and help you maximize your claim. Don’t worry about looking like you can’t do it yourself or looking like a a gold digger. Instead, worry about getting your life back.