How Long Do Missouri Social Security Disability Benefits Last

How Long Do Missouri Social Security Disability Benefits Last?

For many people who receive Missouri Social Security Disability benefits, there is great peace of mind in seeing that your Social Security disability application has been approved. But once you receive your approval, you may wonder “How long can I continue to receive Missouri Social Security disability benefits?”

The short answer is that it depends on your specific situation.

For starters, your age is an important factor. Once you reach retirement age, your Social Security disability benefits won’t end, but they won’t technically be considered SSD anymore. At that point, your benefits will now count as Social Security retirement income instead. You may then continue to receive them for the remainder of your life.

Another big question that people often have is, “What if I recover to the point where I’m able to work regularly again, but not yet old enough to retire?” In this case, your Social Security disability benefits will end. If you are no longer disabled, you can no longer receive SSD benefits.

This puts an important responsibility on the disabled person. You must pay close attention to your condition and alert the Social Security Administration if there is improvement to the point where you might be able to resume work.

The Social Security Administration will also reach out to you periodically to check on your condition. There is a severe penalty for continuing to receive SSD benefits if you are no longer disabled, and they will not take fraudulent activity lightly.

SSD benefits are a very useful resource to help disabled people maintain their income. Once you qualify, you can continue to receive benefits for as long as you continue to meet those qualifications.

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If you have become disabled and have yet to apply for SSD benefits, the reasons for doing so as soon as possible are clear. Have you perhaps hesitated to apply because you’re unsure of what to do? Or maybe you worry that your application will be denied? Consulting a Social Security disability lawyer can give you the confidence boost you need.

If you seek the help of a Social Security Disability attorney in Missouri with your claim, the Krebs Law Firm has years of experience in helping our clients receive the Social Security Disability benefits that they rightly deserve in as timely a manner as possible. We know the ins and outs of the SSD process and would be happy to work with you.

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