How long does it take to get a decision after a Springfield Missouri social security disability hearing?-Social Security Disability Lawyer

How long does it take to get a decision after a Springfield Missouri social security disability hearing by a Social Security Disability Lawyer.

Hello, this is Springfield, Missouri Social Security Disability Lawyer Jason Krebs, with another of our video series where we’re answering some common questions that we received at a recent presentation we gave for a big group. Our first question was we had a couple people ask. They’d been through the hearing. They wanted to know how long does it take after the social security hearing here in Springfield, Missouri at the Springfield, Missouri ODAR to get a decision from a judge.

There’s no set time for a judge that has to have a ruling come down. It can be anywhere from minimum 30 days to more likely 60 or 90 even. That’s usually if there’s no other evidence that has to be gathered. For instance, if they send you out for a consultive exam from another doctor, that’s going to add time to that. If there’s medical records that needed to be gathered up, that’s going to add time to that. The judge may want to have another hearing with a medical expert. That’s going to add time to that. Any of those factors are going to take more time.

Typically, what happens is after the hearing if there’s no more evidence to gather the judge makes a decisions, and then sends it off to a decision writer, another lawyer who’s there in the social security office to put together the decision. Then the judge finalizes that. That’s going to take, like I said, anywhere between 30 to 90 days are not uncommon. Those decision writers have a lot of cases that they have to get through. The judges have a lot of cases that they have to get through. There’s no real set time that it’s going to take at a minimum or a maximum, I should say. At this meeting there were people that were complaining their lawyers were not doing anything about it. There’s really nothing that a lawyer can do to speed that up and for that matter, there’s really nothing that a lawyer can do to speed up the time for a social security hearing to take place. There’s some lawyers that indicate that they can, but basically that time is nothing that the lawyer is going to have any control over.

The important thing is to use that time to your advantage by keep going to the doctor, keep documenting everything that’s going on head to toe with your physical and mental status that’s going to indicate that you can’t show up to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If you’re looking at filing an appeal, we have free information on our website, It will walk you through the appeal process, help you with those kind of things. If you need to give us a call, it’s 417-883-5886 or
1-800-345-0535. Be happy to talk to you, and we wish you good luck. Thank you.

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