Is Your Employer Taking Your Missouri Work Comp Case Seriously?

A workplace injury isn’t a pleasant situation for anyone involved. In addition to the physical pain that an injury causes the worker, they also have to think about the lost wages and potential compensation that might no longer be coming in to support their family.

Throw in the hassle and anxiety of applying for workers’ compensation, and it can be a very stressful experience.

Workplace injuries can be stressful for employers as well. Having a worker out of commission means a higher workload for the other employees. It can also have an impact on the company’s workers’ comp insurance rates.

Some employers drag their feet dealing with a Missouri work comp case. This can delay the injured employee getting the workers’ comp that they need.

How can you tell if your employer is taking your Missouri work comp case seriously and when it’s time to get help from a Missouri work comp attorney?

Not Believing The Employee’s Injuries

If an employer claims that the worker’s injury is “no big deal” and tries to downplay the severity, they may be trying to avoid having to file a workers’ comp claim.

In some cases, a few days of rest may be all that it takes to heal up. But if the workplace injury persists, there is likely solid foundation for a workers’ comp claim, and the employer needs to take the matter seriously.

Lack Of Communication

If your workers’ comp case seems to be at a standstill and your employer is unwilling or hesitant to discuss the matter with you, then they may be stalling the process intentionally and hope the employee gives up on filing their case.

No Medical Follow Up

There are very specific directions that must be followed when a workers’ comp claim is submitted. A medical examination for the worker is often set up by the employer’s insurance company to properly determine the extent of their injuries. Some employers advise the injured worker to seek their own medical treatment instead, which goes against proper procedure and may indicate their desire to avoid paying workers’ comp.

Exerting Pressure

Some employers warn an injured employee that filing a workers’ comp claim may have a negative impact on their career at the company. These threats are meant to scare the injured worker into dropping their claim. It takes effort on the injured worker’s part to find the courage to push back—which they certainly should.

If you’ve been injured on the job and feel that your employer isn’t taking your workers’ compensation claim seriously, don’t take matters into your own hands, or worse, give up on the claim process entirely.

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