What kind of things does social security look at when determining your ability to work in Missouri or Arkansas?

What kind of things does social security look at when determining your ability to work in Missouri or Arkansas?

As I have said time and time again, medical records are the key to your Social Security disability claim being successful be on the application or on the appeal of a denial. But what is the SSA looking for? Object medical evidence is the best evidence.. Thats things like MRI’ test results etc.

What else helps my disability case you may ask?

Things such as medication side effects such as fatigue and drowsiness due to medications and/or problems with attention and concentration due to medications
excessive absences from work.

Documentation that you need to take excessive unscheduled breaks during the day. Examples may be to get up and move around or shift positions recently or go lay down.

Also problems with attention and concentration due to chronic pain can be important.

It is important to understand that for people under the age of 50 that the fact that you can’t go back to your old job is not the only thing that you must prove. Basically you must show that you can’t do any job regardless of pay or the fact that it’s not like anything you have ever done. (Over age 50, this changes some and it is important to seek legal advice very early in the process to navigate the rules.)

Notice I didn’t say that SSA has to prove you are disabled and can’t work. The person claiming disability benefits must prove they are disabled and can’t work. You must prove this. Never lose sight of this fact.

Always be thinking in terms of what problems keep me from being able to work a simple entry level job 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? Focus on gathering the information that proves this.

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