Mediation For Missouri Workers’ Compensation Injury Claim

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury in Missouri, navigating the workers’ compensation system can be a complex and challenging journey.

Mediation is a valuable tool that can help injured workers and insurance companies reach a mutually agreeable resolution, avoiding the need for a lengthy and adversarial court battle.

Let’s explore how mediation can play a pivotal role in resolving a workers’ compensation injury claim in Missouri.

What Is Mediation in Workers’ Compensation?

Mediation is a voluntary process where a Missouri Administrative Law Judge facilitates discussions and negotiations between the injured worker and the workers’ compensation insurance company. The goal is to find a compromise that resolves the claim amicably, without the need for a formal hearing or trial.

You do not need an attorney and can represent yourself at a mediation, however the reality is you are at a huge disadvantage to do so. Our office works on a contingency fee, which means there is no upfront cost to hire us.

The Benefits of Mediation

Efficiency – Mediation can expedite the resolution of a Missouri workers’ compensation injury claim, saving both time and money for all parties involved. Lengthy court battles can be costly and time-consuming.

Control – Mediation allows the parties to maintain control over the outcome of their case. The injured worker and the insurer can collaboratively determine the terms of the settlement.

Flexibility – Mediation offers more flexibility in crafting settlement terms. Parties can consider various options, such as lump-sum settlements, structured payments, or agreements to cover specific medical treatments or rehabilitation services.

The Mediation Process

Request for Mediation – One of the parties that is involved in the Missouri workers’ compensation injury claim can request to the Missouri Division of Workers Compensation that a mediation be set.

If the other party agrees, then a judge will be assigned (not the same judge you’d have if you end up trying the case) and a date and manner of appearance is set.  In the post-Covid world, most mediations are now phone mediations, but there are still some in person mediations.

Preparation – Prior to mediation, each side gathers relevant documents, such as medical records, wage information, and evidence of the injury’s impact on the worker’s life.

Mediation Session – During the mediation session, both parties present their arguments and discuss potential solutions. The Administrative Law Judge guides the discussion to help the parties find common ground.

Negotiation – The mediator may facilitate offers and counteroffers until a mutually acceptable resolution is reached. This can include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, and more.

Settlement Agreement – Once an agreement is reached, it is documented in a legally binding settlement agreement. Both parties sign the agreement, which finalizes the resolution.

When Is Mediation a Good Option?

Mediation is a suitable option in many workers’ compensation cases, especially when:

  • There is disagreement over the extent of the injury or the need for specific medical treatments.
  • Both parties want a quicker and less adversarial resolution.

Mediation can be a highly effective means of resolving workers’ compensation injury claims in Missouri. It offers efficiency, control, and flexibility while minimizing the stress and costs associated with litigation.

If you’re navigating a Missouri workers’ compensation claim, consider discussing the possibility of mediation with an experienced Missouri workers’ compensation lawyer to explore whether it’s a suitable path toward a fair and timely resolution.

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