Medical Evidence Necessary To Win Arkansas Long Term Disability Law Firm Case

How much medical evidence is necessary to win my Arkansas long term disability law firm case?

This is Northwest Arkansas disability lawyer Jason Krebs and in today’s video I thought we would discuss a question, or try to answer a question that caller recently had in a consultation we had. That was; How much medical evidence is necessary to win my Arkansas disability case? Well, there’s no simple answer to that unfortunately.

Every case is going to be different, every person is going to be different. There are certain conditions that you can win your claim automatically. Those are very rare cases. There are things that are found on the compassion and allowance list. Things like Lou Gehrig’s disease, certain forms of various aggressive forms of cancer, those types of things. Very, very severe, quick moving, generally, conditions that are not going to get better, obviously not going to get better.

What most people have to prove is their condition. Everybody’s condition has to be documented but it also is going to depend on what’s your past work been, how old are you now, what kind of work have you been doing for the last 15 years. There’s no simple answer to that.

If you have a MRI that shows very severe conditions sometimes that the best form of evidence because that is what we call objective medical evidence, because you can’t fake an MRI. The Social Security Administration and Social Security Judges love MRI’s, X-rays, blood tests, what we call objective medical evidence.

Understand that these folks basically hear one thing, and one thing only all day everyday. That’s, “I can’t work.” When they have someone that has a lot of documentation of the hard injury as it were, or there’s a broken bone, or there’s a degenerative disk that’s shown, or blown disk that’s shown in the back with an MRI. Or, they have terrible blood values and blood draws and it’s obvious they have very severe anemia. Social security likes those things. Echocardiograms, those type things.

If you have some severe problems with that maybe you don’t have to go to the doctor quite as much as you might with some of the other type of injuries. If you’re claiming depression, you’re going to have to have a lot of documentation. Going to the doctor a couple times a year just generally isn’t enough, unfortunately. The documentation side of things, the older you are you may need a little less. No guarantee of that but you might not need quite as much medical documentation. The more documentation you have the better.

You should never assume that you have enough documentation. The more documentation that you have the better off you generally are. The more times you go to the doctor making sure that you’re accurately reporting everything that’s going on.

If you tell your doctor you’re doing fine when you’re really not; One he or she can’t treat you properly, and two, that sure doesn’t help your case.

Medication side effects are just as important as what they treat. It’s important that you document as much as you can what’s going on with your problem. Again, it’s not generally just the diagnosis, it’s how is the condition effecting my ability to show up to work every day, eight hours a day, five days a week.

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