Missouri bike law

The lousy “spring” weather we have had in Southwest Missouri is finally changing for the better and school is out.  That means that you will start seeing a lot more bicycles on the road.

Springfield Missouri Bicycle lawyer

Springfield Missouri Bicycle lawyer

Missouri regards a bicycle as a vehicle.  This link has a handy PDF you can print and carry with you.  Under Missouri bike law bike rider has both the rights and responsibilities of any other vehicle on a road with a few certain exceptions. Many  municipal ordinances restrict cyclists from being on sidewalks.

If you are riding on the road, you should be as far right as is practicable on the road. Remember to look out for parked cars and opening doors on the side of the road. On a highway, you are permitted to cycle on the shoulder unless a local ordinance prohibits it. Also, if you are cycling, you should signal your turns by extending your left arm out for a left turn, and up for a right turn.

If you are a motorist please share the road with bicyclists. When you pass a cyclist, you should give the cyclist at least three feet of space between your vehicle and the bike. The few second delay you might experience is not real important compared to the life or death consequences of your action.

Remember, bikes are to ride on the same side of the road as cars. Don’t confuse things by riding on the sidewalk or the wrong side of the road. Be cautious and aware, but also be confident. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, call an Springfield Missouri Bicycle attorney who also is a cyclist–Jason Krebs of The Krebs Law Firm.