Missouri Social Security Disability Attorney Helps Prevent Fraud Accusations

As with any large government program, there will always be a few bad apples who try to take advantage of the system. Because of a few high profile cases of Social Security disability fraud, the Social Security Administration reviews cases regularly to make sure that SSD claimants are being honest.

Fraudulent Social Security disability claims can cost taxpayers a great deal of money, so if the SSA catches people trying to cheat the system in some way, their fines are heavy.

For those who are purposefully trying to beat the system, these crimes are serious and should be dealt with harshly to discourage others. But for many of these cases, people sometimes make honest mistakes or forget to notify the Social Security Administration of changes in their lives that impact their disability benefits.

Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, being accused of Social Security Disability fraud is a very serious crime. If you are currently collecting or plan to collect SSD in the future, be careful when it comes to the following areas and work with a Missouri Social Security Disability Attorney to avoid ending up in any sort of situation where you’re wrongfully accused of SSD fraud.

Work Status And Income

If they are able and willing, Social Security disability recipients are allowed to work a limited amount and still receive SSD benefits. However, the key word is “limited.” As of 2021, persons receiving SSD benefits can make up to $1,310 per month in income (blind individuals can earn up to $2,190).

Any more than that, and they are no longer eligible for Social Security disability benefits. As long as you’re honest about your monthly income, there is no reason for the SSA to suspect you of foul play.

Life Changes

There are various life changes that could potentially affect one’s Social Security disability benefits. Some examples include getting married, divorced, widowed or moving overseas. What affects one person’s eligibility might not affect another’s, so if your life has changed in some significant way since you began receiving Social Security disability benefits, report it to the SSA just in case. Not doing so could potentially result in trouble down the line.

Other Disability Benefits

You may be eligible to receive other benefits in addition to SSD, such as workers’ comp. If you are receiving any other type of benefits, be sure to report it. The SSA may need to adjust the amount of Social Security disability benefits you receive to compensate. Taking advantage of any federal program for dishonest gain not only takes away from other potential beneficiaries, but might also land you in hot water with multiple federal agencies.

If you follow the these tips and strive to maintain and report accurate information with the Social Security Administration, things should go smoothly. If you have any questions about how to do so, or perhaps have found yourself in a situation where the SSA is questioning the accuracy of your SSD benefits, contact a Missouri Social Security Disability Attorney at The Krebs Law Firm for a free consultation today.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be overwhelming. Utilize an SS disability lawyer in Missouri to make the Social Security application process a little easier. We can help you make certain that you’ve included all the important information about your case and avoid any potential concerns with potential fraud. Give us a call today.