Can I Get Missouri Social Security Disability Benefits If I Have Arachnoiditis?

If you’ve been suffering with arachnoiditis, you may have wondered, “Can I get Missouri Social Security Disability benefits?”

The following would be important to a winning Missouri Disability case for someone with arachnoiditis:

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Arachnoiditis is a rare but painful condition that affects the nerves in the spinal cord. It is important to present medical evidence that you’ve been diagnosed with arachnoiditis, and that you are experiencing the characteristic symptoms, such as chronic pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and bladder or bowel dysfunction.

Limitations in Work

Arachnoiditis can severely limit a person’s ability to perform physical and mental work tasks. You should be able to provide medical evidence that the pain causes limitations and restrictions on your ability to work.

Treatment and Response

Arachnoiditis is a difficult condition to treat, and there is no cure. However, you may have tried various treatments to manage your symptoms, such as pain medication, physical therapy, and nerve blocks. It is important to show that you have complied with all recommended treatments and therapies, and that you have not experienced significant improvement in your condition.

Duration of the Condition

Arachnoiditis is a chronic and progressive condition that can last for years or even decades. You should be able to show the ongoing and long-term nature of your condition, and how it has impacted your daily life and ability to work.

Impact on Mental Health

Chronic pain and disability can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health, leading to depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues. You should address any mental health issues you are experiencing with a medical professional (preferably a mental health professional and not just your Primary Care Physician), and how they may be exacerbating your arachnoiditis symptoms.

By presenting strong evidence in these areas, you may be able to receive the Missouri Social Security Disability benefits you deserve.

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