Missouri Workers Compensation Benefits Vary By Location

If you’re injured on the job, are your workers compensation benefits the same in Missouri as they are in other states or in other parts of Missouri?

Missouri work comp law is very different than other states’ workers comp laws. In some other states, workers compensation law allows you to choose your own treating doctor. That is NOT the case in Missouri. Under Missouri Workers Compensation Laws, your employer gets to choose your treating physician before they will be responsible to pay for your work injury related treatment. You are free to seek your own medical care, however you are responsible for the cost and almost every health insurance plan excludes work injuries.

Your rights under Missouri workers compensation law are the same across the entire state of Missouri, because the Missouri state statute passed by the legislature controls the entire state.

However, the different judges in the various regional state offices may interpret and apply Missouri workers compensation law differently and different appeals courts in different parts of the Missouri will also interpret the same law differently.

A judge out of the Springfield office hearing a case on a Greene County Missouri workers compensation injury may interpret Missouri workers compensation law differently than a judge out of the Jefferson City office who hears claims on Lebanon Missouri or Laclede County work injuries or a judge hearing a Rolla Missouri Phelps County work comp injury case who comes out of the Cape Girardeau office.

You need to hire a good Missouri Workers compensation lawyer who knows what each particular judge in each different Missouri workers compensation office prefers to hear. Our office has experience with Missouri Workers Compensation benefits for cases all across Missouri. Let us help you receive more money, even after you pay your lawyer’s expenses, when your hire our Missouri Workers Compensation attorney as soon as possible when you have a serious work injury.