Mistakes That Ruin A Missouri Disability Claim #2 Waiting Too Long

Mistakes That Ruin A Missouri Disability Claim #2 Waiting Too Long

This is Springfield, Missouri Disability attorney, Jason Krebs. In today’s video, part of our series things that ruin your Missouri or Arkansas disability case. We thought we would talk about waiting too long.

Now, waiting too long to file can be devastating to your case for a lot of reasons. Now the biggest issue, the biggest obstacle, is if you wait too long you may waive your benefits. You may no longer be insured under the disability program, the social security disability program.

That has nothing to do with health insurance. Being insured under the disability program means that you’ve paid in, you’ve paid taxes when you’re working for an employer and you see those FICA taxes coming out of your paycheck, that doesn’t go just towards your retirement. It goes towards your disability as well. The general rule of thumb is you have to work and pay taxes five of the last ten years to qualify. Now, if you’re earning’s records a little spotty, you worked a cash job or didn’t make enough money pay or didn’t pay or just weren’t working, then that time shortens. That’s the maximum. People that don’t file for a number of years, that can create some problems.

Second, they’re not going to pay you as far back as you were disabled necessarily. Typically on disability cases, only a year before you applied. For SSI cases, it’s only back to the date that you did apply. It’s not like you’re just going to get all of this money back. Another thing that creates a problem with these is it sometimes makes it much more difficult for a disability attorney to approve your case because the longer that you waited. Sometimes medical records aren’t around or the judge wants to know, “Why didn’t you apply earlier? What have you been doing the last two or three years?” Those things kind of create problems.

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