More tips on credibility in your Missouri Social Security Disability case

Each Administrative Law Judge has his or her own things that they see as issues of credibility in your Missouri Social Security disability case for claimants that appear in front of them.   Here are some more tips on credibility in your Missouri Social Security Disability case.

Krebs Law Office Social Security Disability
Krebs Law Office Social Security Disability

As I have written before   things such as

  1. truthfulness
  2. making excuses
  3. not following treatment
  4. not being consistent with your doctors

can all be issues that a judge may find as reasons to denies your Social Security disability appeal .

Other tips would be:

1.    Confront negative things head on.  Don’t run from negative things in your past or in the medical records.  It will be found.  Drug or alcohol use can be killers.  You need to seek treatment for any addiction while you wait for a hearing.  Judges want to see people trying to get better.  I have recently had clients admit to past drug use that in no way effected their current condition.   They could have lied and said, “ No, I’ve never smoked pot”  but they told the truth and I could see this bolster credibility with the judges.

You need to bee seen to be trying to fix the issue with treatment

2.    Making yourself seem worse than you are.  In my opinion this is one of the absolute worst things that you can do during an appeal. If you start bringing up things that are not in your medical records you are writing your own denial. If you start making statements of severe pain and there is noting to support this in the medical records and you have never mentioned it to the doctor, it simply isn’t credible to an ALJ.  Remember, all these judges hear all day long is “I cant work”

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If you have questions and need to speak with a disability attorney in Springfield Missouri or Osage Beach Missouri call us today. The Krebs Law Firm LLC offers a free case evaluation if you have questions about your Social Security disability claim.

People may be worried that they do not have the money to pay for a Springfield Missouri or Osage Beach disability attorney, but we only handle Social Security cases on a contingent fee basis. In other words, there is no fee unless we are successful in getting you the benefits that you deserve. If you would like to speak to Jason Krebs and his staff simply call (417) 883-5886 for your free case evaluation or to discuss your appeal today! Do not delay as you only have 60 days to file your appeal or ask for a reconsideration if you live in Kansas, Arkansas or Oklahoma.





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