Should a Personal Injury Lawyer Be Calling Me About Representation After a Missouri Car Accident?

Should a Personal Injury Lawyer Be Calling Me About Representation After a Missouri Car Accident?

The answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The Missouri Lawyer Rules of Professional Conduct state that a lawyer should not be calling you OR HAVE SOMEONE CALL ON THEIR BEHALF. (There is an exception if you have a preexisting relationship with that lawyer). However this means the lawyer should not have other people calling “with concern for you” (including sending a preacher in to speak with you carrying the lawyer’s card).


The reason for this rule is simple. In the immediate aftermath following a serious car accident or the loss of a loved one, you are in no position to make a rational decision. You are vulnerable (this is why insurance companies try to call you quickly too). It is that much harder to make an informed decision. For instance: Maybe you wind up signing a terrible contract with a 37% fee with this “caring” lawyer who reached out for you and then realize that most lawyers only charge 25%.

This is not to say that you should not contact a lawyer quickly after a serious personal injury, you should, but the lawyer of your choosing on your terms.

Calling injury victims is not acceptable from a lawyer you have never heard of, a company that “will find you a lawyer…at no charge” or even if the office is one that you frequently see advertising on TV. It is unethical and you should hang up the phone. They are not looking out for your best interest…only theirs. This is the “ambulance chaser” that tarnishes our profession.

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Clearly, situations where a victim would benefit from legal representation for a personal injury claim far outnumber situations in which having an Springfield Missouri personal injury lawyer is unnecessary. Fortunately, we are here to provide you with the assistance you need after a crash. When you are ready to take the next steps, contact me at 417 883-5886 or Toll Free a 1800 345-0535 for a free, no-obligation consultation.