Police Report Can Help Case With Arkansas Car Accident Attorney

When an injury occurs in a car accident, the law requires that the incident be reported to the police. You may not like the hassle of the police getting involved, but their reports can actually be beneficial in making sure all of the facts are sorted out properly and help your Arkansas car accident attorney win your case.

Proof For Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters are always on the lookout for reasons to deny you the compensation you deserve after a car accident. A police report can provide substantial proof that the incident in question did occur, and when.

An Objective Viewpoint

In a car accident, it’s often a case of your word against the other driver that was involved in the auto accident. A police report can provide objective documentation that won’t favor one party over another. Insurance companies find great value in using these police reports to make fair compensation decisions.

Contact Information

Having detailed contact information for the other drivers, passengers, and witnesses involved with the car accident is essential if you want to make a car injury claim. Having the testimony of a witness on hand can potentially strengthen your case if you weren’t at fault for the incident. You also want to be sure information about the other drivers’ insurance companies and policies is documented for reference.

Other Important Details

Sometimes other factors come into play when it comes to a car accident. This might include road or weather conditions or if you or the other drivers violated any traffic laws.

Just having detailed information in a police report isn’t enough if you don’t know how to properly use it. That’s why you should talk with an experienced Arkansas car accident lawyer about your case.

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Consult An Experienced Arkansas Car Accident Lawyer

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There’s no denying that it can be complicated trying to figure out how to properly handle insurance matters after an Arkansas car accident occurs.

That’s why it’s important to have someone on your side who knows the laws in Arkansas to get you the fair compensation that you’re entitled to. Look to the services of a professional injury attorney for peace of mind and maximum results. The Krebs Law Firm is here to help.

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