Quick tips for Missouri accident victims

If you have been the victim in a Missouri car accident or other motor vehicle accident, including a semi truck, bicycle or motorcycle accident, there are some quick tips for Missouri accident victims that you can do to help your personal injury lawyer with your case:

1. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

2. Get as many photographs of the accident scene and vehicles or objects involved in the accident as you can. If you fell, get pictures of what you believe made you fall. YOU CAN NOT TAKE TOO MANY PHOTOS. Make sure you have them “developed” or printed and safely stored on disk/cd/flash drive etc. Do not leave them solely on your computer. Now is not the time to save costs.

3. Keep all medical records and bills that you receive.

4. Keep a running list of all health care providers see.

5. Immediately make a police report in case of any motor vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle accident. Get a copy of the police report. Make sure it is accurate.

6. Keep a careful list of witnesses’ names and contact information. Get the name of the manager of the premises for any premises or slip and fall injury.

7. Keep a list of all expenses or costs including lost wages you believe attributable to the accident.

Save your prescription drug bottles and any casts, hardware, pins, canes, braces you can keep. Save all damaged personal property like clothing, eyeglasses, bicycles. Don’t wash or repair the damaged items. Save everything damaged in the accident

Don’t speak to anyone without the advice of an attorney.

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