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SSA Waterfall chart

Need more reasons why you need a disability lawyer in Missouri? The Social Security Administration releases statistics about the disability and SSI programs in an easy-to-understand format chart. The chart shows the percentage of claims approved and denied at the various levels of review.  Social Security cases in Missouri do not go through the Reconsideration stage, but rather straight to the Appeal stage.  Arkansas does go through the Reconsideration stage.

Unfortunately the approval rates are down at every level of review, with ALJ allowance rates are at 45%, and have fallen significantly each year (62% in FY 2010, 58% in 2011, 53% in 2012, and 48% in 2013).

The Springfield Missouri  ODAR approval rate is is 35% which is actually a slight improvement from the 29% it had been.  Still very low.  The wait time in Springfield in around 11 months to get to a hearing, which is up about a month.

Columbia Missouri ODAR approval rates are down significantly to around 35% and the wait time has jumped to around 14 months.

Those of us that practice Social Security disability law in Missouri and Arkansas are all too well aware of the changes in the past 5 years. But the chart shows the situation in stark format.

What is the takeaway from this? Now it is more important than ever to get legal representation on your appeal in Missouri and Arkansas. Mistakes made in the process can cost you and your loved ones dearly. To understand more about the process and avoid this pitfalls and landlines, get a copy of one of my FREE ebooks on the subject.

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The Krebs Law Firm LLC offers a free case evaluation if you have questions about your Social Security disability claim. Many people may be worried that they do not have the money to pay for a Missouri disability lawyer or Arkansas Social Security disability lawyer, but we only handle Social Security cases on a contingent fee basis. In other words, there is no fee unless we are successful in getting you the SSD benefits that you deserve. If you would like to speak to Jason Krebs and his staff simply call (417) 883-5886 for your free case evaluation or to discuss your appeal today! Do not delay as you only have 60 days to file for an appeal in Missouri or ask for a reconsideration if you live in Arkansas or Oklahoma.

Also, if you are wondering if location is an issue, I personally handle disability cases throughout all of Missouri and Arkansas.