Role Of Vocational Expert In Arkansas Disability Case

A Social Security disability case isn’t like a typical court hearing. There aren’t a room full of spectators. Just a handful of specific individuals who have an impact on whether or not the claimant is considered eligible for SSD. One such individual is the vocational expert. What is the role of a vocational expert in an Arkansas disability case?

The vocational expert is tasked with being up to date on the current labor market. Which jobs are available? What sort of skills are needed to perform them? This is very important information that can make or break your Arkansas disability case.

If someone is applying for Social Security disability, the judge who determines if they’re qualified needs to know what work, if any, the applicant may still be capable of doing despite their disability.

The vocational expert’s knowledge works in conjunction with the claimant’s medical records. If an applicant seeking disability is documented as being unable to stand for long periods of time due to their physical limitations, the vocational expert may list off local jobs they could do that allow them to sit and not aggravate their health issues.

If their limitations are severe enough, the vocational expert may state that there are no jobs out there that the applicant can safely perform.

The current system is far from perfect. Many vocational experts still use an out of date book called the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), a database of over 12,000 jobs, to determine job availability.

Others utilize an online database called O*NET that doesn’t always contain the most accurate information. Many jobs and positions are either overlooked or omitted entirely.

This may lead to skewed testimony and not paint an accurate picture whether or not the claimant is truly capable of working and what their options and limitations are. The Social Security Administration is working on a new system to replace them both, but it has yet to fully materialize.

While vocational expert testimony can play a critical role in determining one’s eligibility for Social Security disability, they are a neutral party and are not impacted if the claimant is approved or not.

But an Arkansas Social Security disability lawyer will work to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Your disability attorney can best utilize the vocational expert’s testimony to work to your advantage. Reach out to The Krebs Law Firm today, and let us help you maximize your chances of approval in your SSD case.

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