Should I Go To a Conference Without a Missouri Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

This is Springfield Missouri worker’s compensation attorney Jason Krebs. In today’s video, we thought we would answer a question that we get quite a few calls about, and that question is, should I go to a worker’s compensation conference unrepresented.

Now, typically, if you’re done treating, you’ve had a surgery and you’re kind of finished with everything, I would suggest that you not go to that conference unrepresented because you’re going to get a lot of pressure to resolve your case from … what will happen is you’ll go before a judge. The other attorney that represents your employer will be there, and he or she will try to, they’ll be very nice usually, but you’ll feel like you’re getting a lot of pressure to settle your case.

It’s best to not to do that on your own without getting representation. We see it all the time when we go to these conferences. These conferences are when a formal claim has not yet been filed, and we see this where people go in there and they’re not represented and they’re just settling cases for just a fraction of what they should be worth if they had an attorney that practices in that area that knows kind of what their injuries are what they might be worth. The judge cannot help you. They used to be able to help you a long time ago if you had an old case years ago, they could help you and say, “This is a bad deal.” But, they can’t do that anymore. The work comp law changed some time ago.

You’re going to be better off to get with a Missouri worker’s compensation attorney and talk to them about your case. If you’re still treating and things are not finished, yeah you can probably go without speaking or, you know, unrepresented, because they’re not going to let you resolve the case until you’re done treating. If you’ve been involved with a surgery, major injury, you probably need representation. If you’re still treating, probably not yet. If it’s a minor injury and you didn’t have a surgery and maybe it was a strain, you may not need a worker’s comp lawyer. It may not be worth hiring one. Typically, it’s very often not if you did not have a surgery. If you had a surgery that’s a different story.

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