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I recently had a video hearing where the Judge was extremely difficult. This happens from time to time. The disability attorney for the claimant scheduled before my client was late. That happens too sometimes. This lady had to call the big firm of Springfield MO social security disability lawyers she had hired looking for her attorney. What was astonishing was, the attorney who showed up was not the attorney she had been dealing with at the big social security law firm. This attorney obviously had just received the file that morning and told to go to the hearing (30 minutes late). Based upon what my client went through during the hearing (after meeting with me on several occasions to prepare and go over the questions), I truly feel sorry for the claimant whose attorney was late. I can’t believe she or the attorney were ready.

While we were waiting another attorney showed up and walked by a couple also waiting. The attorney sat down and after about 5 minutes the couple got up and walked over to the attorney and introduced themselves as his client and spouse. All I can say here is at least he was not late.

I have written about this before. Hiring a disability attorney that will personally help you in preparing for your hearing is now more important than ever. Social Security disability approval rates are going down across the nation. The approval rates are expected to continue to decline over the next couple of years.

It is important to remember that preparation alone will not win your case. While it certainly helps, you still must have medical evidence to support your case. You must seek out treatment that will take payments on a sliding scale or apply for Medicaid. You must follow up on treatment. You must tell your doctor what hurts or is bothering you every time you go to the doctor. You must look for treatment in places you would have never thought of going when you were insured. You must tell your doctor your pains and problems at every visit, even if that is not why you are there (you are there for a sore throat, mention your back pain). Give your doctor specifics, for example “it hurts when I sit for 15 minutes”.

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