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Ten Tips Every Missouri Motorcycle Accident Victim Should Know

1. Seek treatment immediately
The best thing you can do after an accident is to seek medical treatment immediately and follow your doctor’s orders.

2. Don’t rush to settle your claim
Don’t settle your claim before you complete your medical treatment. A few thousand dollars may sound good until you realize it doesn’t come close to compensating you for the injuries you’ve suffered in your motorcycle accident.

3. Don’t underestimate the insurance adjuster
Insurance adjusters have a huge advantage over you because they settle claims every day. The adjuster DOES NOT represent you. Their job is to settle claims and save their employer, the insurance company money. You need a lawyer to help deal with them.

4. Don’t provide a statement to the adjuster
Don’t make any statements about your case until you consult with a lawyer. regardless of what the adjuster tells you, there is no obligation to speak with the other drivers insurance company.

5. Don’t sign medical authorization forms
Don’t sign authorization forms that allow an insurance company access to your private medical records. They are looking for old injuries or medical conditions to try to put the blame YOU and not the accident for your problem. Only sign forms completed by your lawyer.

6. Document everything
Start a file for all police, medical, and insurance documents related to your case. Keep receipts of all your expenses and lost wages. Keep your damaged helmet, clothes and gear. Take pictures of your injuries as the heal. Take pictures of your bike, the scene everything. Make sure the pictures are saved somewhere safe.

7. Honesty is the best policy
Be honest about your injuries. Nothing will kill your claim faster than being caught in a lie.

8. Don’t hide information from your lawyer
Your lawyer needs to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about your case to properly represent you.

9. Don’t exaggerate your injuries
Exaggerating the extent of your injuries could come back to haunt you if the insurance company films you participating in an activity you shouldn’t be able to do.

10. Hire a personal injury lawyer
Insurance companies employ professionals who deal with personal injury cases every day. Shouldn’t you?

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