TTD and Unemployment payments for my Missouri Workers Compensation injury

A common question that injured workers have is: can I draw temporary total disability or TTD and unemployment in Missouri Workers Compensation injury claim?

No.  Section 287.170.3 of RSMO disqualifies an injured claimant employee from temporary total disability benefits or TTD benefits “during any period of time in which the claimant applies and receives unemployment compensation.”

That answer can change if you are permanently disabled.   There is no Missouri statute that prohibits worker’s compensation benefits and unemployment benefits when the claim is for permanent total disability.   This idea was recently affirmed in Lewis v National Vendors, 2013 Mo. WCLR Lexis 191 (Sept. 26, 2013) .  It should be noted that this by no means a guarantee that an injured worker will receive both PTD benefits and unemployment, but only makes it possible.

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