What is the value of Springfield Missouri Personal Injury Case

How does a Springfield Missouri personal injury attorney determine what your personal injury case is worth?

There are a lot of factors that go into what a car accident or personal injury case is worth.

1. What were the injuries and treatment? Is there future treatment that is reasonably going to be necessary?
Likewise what is the amount of your medical bills. Current Missouri law allows the jury to see both the gross amount of the medical bills charged by the medical providers and the amount actually paid by your insurance company or Medicare/Medicaid. (There is typically a significant reduction in the billed versus paid amounts).

2. The amount of medical bills, continuing pain, emotional injuries, permanent limitations or problems and likely future treatment or prescriptions are used to help figure the amount of pain and suffering.

3. Do you have lost wages? An injury that prevents you from working usually viewed as more severe then an injury that does not prevent you from working.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to assess this amount without having a complete picture of what you treatment was and what is going to be required in the future, what was the cost and how much work you have missed or are going to miss. Very often this can not be determined until you have reached maximum medical improvement. That is, you are as well as you are going to be as a result of the accident. Generally it is a bad idea to settle a personal injury or car accident case until you have some idea of what maximum medical improvement is going to be.

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