What If the Accident Was My Fault? – Workers Comp Lawyers Near Me

This is Missouri Worker’s Compensation attorney Jason Krebs and in today’s video we thought we’d answer the question, “Am I entitled to Missouri work comp benefits if the accident was my fault?” The short answer to that is yes, you are. Fault is not an issue. Missouri’s a no-fault worker’s compensation state. So it should not matter if the accident or if the car accident … or if you fell, and it was your fault. Or you hurt yourself and it was your fault, it should not matter as far as the benefits go.

Now that being said, there may be some things that you might’ve been doing that can cost you a percentage of your benefits. For instance, if they test you for alcohol and there’s alcohol or drugs in your system or if you were involved in horseplay. You know, doing something that you absolutely should not have been doing, breaking a rule. Breaking a safety rule, not wearing your seat belt in an accident, things like that. Not wearing your safety harness, not wearing a hard hat. That can deduct or cost you money from what you might be eligible to receive if you had not broken a rule. That’s a different story. But the fault itself is not an issue, where it might be in a personal injury case. In worker’s compensation, Missouri is a no-fault state.

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