When you meet your Columbia Missouri Disability lawyer matters

When you meet your Columbia Missouri Disability lawyer matters to how well you do in your case. No too long ago, I was at the Columbia Missouri Social Security Appeals office and once again saw a disability lawyer from a high volume disability law practice meet her client for the first time just minutes before the appeal hearing. Unfortunately, this in not uncommon. How can a lawyer meeting a client for the first time 10 minutes before the hearing prepare that person for their testimony? If you go to your initial free consultation and don’t meet your attorney, or only briefly meet your attorney before being handed off to office staff, this may happen to you.

My approach is much different. I always schedule a face to face meeting with my disability clients in my office prior to his/her Social Security disability hearing. We can also practice on the phone. Usually, I try to meet several times prior to the actual hearing date to discuss the hearing procedures and to practice answering the questions that are likely going to be asked. This is not a rehearsal or attempt to get “canned” answers, but rather to get my clients to understand the hearing procedure so they know what to expect and are not overwhelmed with the process.

Few people are comfortable in front of strangers talking about a disability and the difficulties it causes in daily life and in finding and keeping a job. It can definitely help your case to have an attorney explain what may happen at the hearing in advance so you are more prepared to give complete and informative answers.

Every judge has his or her own style of conducting hearings. Some judges rely more on the attorney to ask the questions, while some judges ask the bulk of the questions themselves. Regardless of whether the judge or your disability attorney asks the questions, there is certain information that every claimant should know and be able to discuss clearly and accurately.

Your attorney should help you prepare this information and if he or she does not, it can hurt the outcome of your disability claim. Be sure you receive personal attention from your attorney. Ask questions about the hearing and what you should prepare.

Please call Jason Krebs of the Krebs Law Firm LLC for a personal approach as your Columbia Missouri Disability lawyer case that ensures you are prepared and educated on the process. The consultation is free.

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