Why Am I Not Eligible For Missouri Workers Compensation Benefits?

Missouri Workers’ Compensation is designed to provide benefits for workers who have been injured on the job. In most cases, employers are required to provide such coverage. But in certain instances, the injured worker may not qualify. There are several reasons why you may not be eligible for Missouri workers compensation benefits.

You’re An Independent Contractor

Companies offer workers’ comp in Missouri solely for their employees. More companies are hiring independent contractors or freelancers these days to avoid payroll taxes and providing benefits.

If you are working on a company’s property as a freelancer, consultant, volunteer, or someone who is not directly employed with that company, then you would not fall under their jurisdiction for Missouri work comp if you were to be injured while you’re working there.

Your Injury Isn’t Considered Work-Related

“Work-related” typically applies to any injury sustained while doing work that benefits your employer. Examples of injuries that count as work-related include slipping on a floor, falling from a ladder at your job site or getting in a car accident while you’re out making a service call.

But it does not include, for example, getting in a car wreck while driving to or from work, because you’re no longer considered on the clock.

You Reported Your Work Injury Too Late

Punctuality in reporting your work injury is very important when it comes to Missouri workers’ comp. Note that there are two deadlines that must be met, and it is important not to confuse them. Missouri workers’ comp law dictates that an injury must be reported to an employer within 30 days.

The second requirement is that a Missouri workers’ comp claim must then be filed within two years of the date of injury. Failure to do either within those time frames may result in losing eligibility.

Simply reporting your work injury does not automatically file your claim with the Missouri Department of Labor.

You’re Not Attending Your Medical Appointments

Because there are some bad apples attempting to defraud the workers’ comp system, all parties involved in the workers compensation process are always looking for red flags. They’re on the lookout for someone who claims they were injured at the workplace, but might be “working the system.”

For example, are they constantly rescheduling medical appointments related to their injuries or skipping them entirely? One missed appointment might have a valid reason, but it’s easy to see how a pattern of missed or rescheduled medical appointments could cast doubt on the severity of the worker’s injury if they’re not willing to put forth a good faith effort to do everything they can to heal.

Regardless of your situation, if you’ve been injured on the job, it’s always beneficial to use the services of a work injury law firm. It can be difficult at times knowing where you stand when it comes to Missouri work comp eligibility.

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