Workers With Serious Back Injuries Need A Missouri Work Comp Lawyer

Severe back injuries are among the most common workplace accidents. Some of the more serious injuries involve surgery as part of their recovery. Workers in all sorts of industries are vulnerable to back injuries, but some more than others. Here are a few jobs where back injuries are more common and require help from a Missouri work comp lawyer to get fair compensation for their case.


Bricklayers are one of the professions with the most frequent back injuries. Bricks can be heavy. Especially in large numbers. There’s also a great deal of lifting involved, hoisting the bricks from lower to higher levels. Repetitive loading motions can play a part in causing back injuries over time.

Drywall Hangers

A sheet of drywall can weigh up to one hundred pounds, so holding it over your head for prolonged periods of time can contribute to back strain. The job often requires bending while you lift the heavy objects, increasing the chance of injury.

Long Haul Truckers

Loading and unloading cargo can take a large toll on a trucker’s back. Injury from motor vehicle accidents is another possibility, as well as injury from falling out of the truck or falling when making repairs or chaining up the tires in the winter.


The nursing profession involves a lot more heavy lifting than you might think. Patients often need help being transported or helped into and out of bed or wheelchairs multiple times a day, which takes a toll on a nurse’s back.

There are many other jobs that are also prone to back injuries. Any job that involves “putting your back into” something can lead to injury. Many severe back injuries also necessitate surgery. The most common back surgeries include:

Disc Replacement

Discs are flat, rubbery parts in your back sitting between the bones that make up your spine. Injury may lead to discs needing replaced with artificial ones.

Spinal Fusion

This procedure fuses together two or more of the vertebrae that make up your spine.

Both of these surgeries are costly, invasive, and often require significant recovery time. That’s a price you don’t want to have to pay yourself, and the Krebs Law Firm focuses on helping our clients get compensated for medical care and any lost wages.

Making a Missouri work comp claim on a severe back injury can be a long and arduous process, so why not ease the burden and hire a professional workers’ comp lawyer in Springfield, Missouri to help you with your case? The Krebs Law Firm will fight for you to receive all the work comp benefits that you are owed.

We offer a free book to Missouri residents for understanding your Missouri Workers Compensation case.

There is no upfront cost to hiring a Missouri Work Comp lawyer for your claim. If you think you have a potential Missouri work comp case based on a severe back injury, you should speak to a Missouri Workers Compensation attorney sooner rather than later.

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