A Semi Truck Crash that was not a Missouri Semi Truck Accident

A Semi Truck Crash that was not a Missouri Semi Truck Accident

It is refreshing that the Springfield News-Leader does not refer to the terrible and entirely preventable Strafford Missouri Semi Truck Crash and a “crash” and to an “accident”.

Given the facts presented the driver that caused the fatality was obviously distracted and not paying attention.

Crashes like this are always avoidable, regardless of weather conditions. Truck drivers are professional drivers and ideally they should be trained to avoid senseless accidents. There must be accountability for this crash, which includes a detailed criminal and civil investigation to get to the bottom of the real cause of the collisions.

While the Missouri Highway Patrol is currently investigating the crashes and they are in the process of conducting an accident reconstruction, oftentimes the real truth only comes out during the discovery phase of a civil case. It is during this phase that the experienced truck accident attorneys are able to obtain ALL of the necessary trucking company records and take depositions of all of the individuals within the trucking companies.

According to news reports, this driver had an abysmal driving record and likely should not have been driving a semi truck professionally.

Our thoughts go out to the families of the deceased and the survivors of the crash and their families. No human being should be subjected to this type of avoidable tragedy.