Arkansas Social Security Disability Cases Taking Longer

The current state of Social Security cases isn’t pretty, according to a news report by The Washington Post. There are a lot of Arkansas Social Security Disability cases that aren’t being processed in a timely manner, and the backlog continues to grow larger and larger.

Some states have over 100,000 pending Social Security application cases. Many take over half a year just to look at a case. Some take over a year.

Processing times have increased pretty much across the board. Closer to home, Missouri has seen a 72% increase in the time it takes to process a Social Security disability case over the past few years.

The time for processing Arkansas Social Security Disability cases has almost doubled with an 89% increase in processing time.

These states are still doing best than most, which says a lot about the current state of the Social Security Disability system as a whole.

What’s contributing to this backup? One big reason is that Social Security case examiners are leaving the field in droves due to low wages and intense workloads as claims keep pouring in.

Those entering the field of Social Security case examiners are hard to find. The difficulty of the work means that training can take a while.

More evidence is needed these days to back up disability claims. Having to sift through more evidence means longer wait times.

The Washington Post article goes deeper into other factors behind this situation, but the general message is that the system isn’t working well.

There’s a lot of people suffering from disabilities who aren’t anywhere close to getting the support they deserve or need. They may not even get accepted, which makes their problems even worse.

It’s a problem that needs to be sorted out soon, for the sake of millions of disabled Americans.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother applying for SSD. And if you’ve already applied, we encourage you to keep fighting.

It is important for SSD applicants to know what obstacles they might be up against in order to gain benefits. You don’t want to fight this battle alone.

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