Are You Getting All Of Your Missouri Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you’ve been shopping or have hired someone to perform a service at your home recently, you’ve likely noticed that everything is more expensive these days. These rising costs can be a real challenge for those living on a fixed income.

Thankfully, the Social Security Administration is always monitoring the cost of living to see if the compensation amounts for Missouri Social Security disability benefits need to be adjusted on a yearly basis.

With the rising costs of most goods and services, it’s no surprise that Social Security benefits are set to rise by 8.7 percent in January of 2023. While this increase might not completely keep pace with inflation, every little bit helps. Those who receive Missouri Social Security disability benefits have worked hard to earn them, and have every right to be compensated fairly.

If you’re a Social Security recipient, you should automatically receive your letter from the SSA notifying you about this increase and what your updated monthly compensation will be.

You should receive your letter by the end of December for the following year. If you have an account on the official Social Security website, you can also view an electronic version of the letter in your message center if you created your account before November 15.

If December passes and you still haven’t gotten a note about your increased amount, reach out to the SSA for assistance.

Be sure to hold onto that letter about your cost of living adjustment for your benefits. It may come in handy. For example, if your next payment doesn’t reflect the cost-of-living increase as it should, you’ll have documentation on hand to prove what you’re owed.

Are you one of the many Americans in Missouri who receive Social Security disability payments or are considering applying for SSD? There are many different factors that determine your monthly compensation amounts, and even with cost-of-living increases, you may at times find yourself questioning whether you’re receiving the full amount that you deserve.

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