Can An Arkansas Disability Attorney Help Get Backpay?

Applying for Social Security disability can be a long and sometimes daunting process. For some claimants, it may take upwards of two years to be approved.

Unfortunately your medical bills and other expenses aren’t going to wait on approval, so claimants may have to pay a significant amount of money out of pocket until their SSD case goes through.

That’s potentially a lot of burden and stress to deal with, especially if you have to go through an appeals process, which further delays things.

While the process can drag on, the end result can be worth all the time and stress. Especially if you have an Arkansas Disability Attorney on your side to help guide you through the process.

Once your disability benefits are approved, the Social Security Administration will often initiate backpay, or past-due benefits, in which they will go back and pay for expenses that were accumulated during the application process as a result of your disability, such as medical bills, doctor fees, and prescriptions.

But will your Social Security Disability backpay reimburse all of these expenses? The answer depends on several factors.

When You Applied

The first factor to consider is the date that you officially submitted your SSD application. Usually, any backpay received will cover your expenses from the day you filed onward. You may also see about getting a protective filing date, which can take the place of your application date if you haven’t applied yet, allowing you to get benefits awarded back to that date instead.

The Day Your Disability Started

Your disability examiner will set an established onset date (EOD), which is the official date your disability began. This date isn’t chosen arbitrarily.

It is determined based on your medical records and work history. You may be able to also receive additional retroactive benefits if your EOD was established to be before you applied for SSD.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the SSA employs a five-month waiting period, which allows them to see clearly that the applicant really is suffering from a long-term disability. The five-month waiting period is subtracted from your backpay amount.

Every Social Security disability case is different. So are the factors that determine whether or not, and when, you receive backpay.

But something that you can consistently count on is the benefits from contacting an Arkansas Disability Attorney.

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