Avoid Technical Denial With Missouri Social Security Disability Lawyer

Filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits is a challenging process. Adding to that stress is whether or not your claim will be accepted by the Social Security Administration.

More often than not, if a Social Security Disability claim is denied, it’s because the applicant doesn’t meet the medical standards required for compensation.

But sometimes Social Security Disability claims are denied for reasons other than medical. These are referred to as technical denials.

What are some examples of technical denials? And if you find yourself dealing with one, how can a Missouri Social Security Disability Lawyer help you receive the compensation that you rightly deserve for your disability?

Let’s start by looking at some reasons why a Social Security Disability claim might be struck down by a technical denial.

Not Enough Work Credits

As with other aspects of Social Security, the claimant must pay into the system regularly in order to have money to draw from when they finally need it. Typically, a disabled worker is required to have earned 20 work credits over the previous ten years in order to qualify for Social Security Disability.

How Do I Get Social Security Work Credits?

By working and paying taxes. To get Social Security work credits, you need to have worked and earned a certain amount of money in a job where you paid Social Security taxes.

The number of credits you need to qualify for Social Security benefits depends on your age and the type of benefit you are applying for.

Generally, you can earn up to four credits per year. The amount of earnings required for one credit changes each year. For 2023, you earn one credit for every $1,620 of earnings, up to a maximum of four credits for the year if you earn at least $6,480.

To receive Social Security disability benefits, you generally need to have earned 20 credits in the ten years immediately before you became disabled. However, younger workers may qualify with fewer credits.

To receive retirement benefits, you need to have earned 40 credits, which is equivalent to 10 years of work. You can earn these credits at any time during your working life, and you do not need to earn them consecutively.

If you have questions about your Social Security work credits, you can contact the Social Security Administration directly or visit their website for more information.

Not Enough Recent Work Credits

Social Security Disability coverage requires the claimant work over a certain period. Otherwise, their benefits may lapse. The current law states that a claimant needs to have worked five out of the past ten years to receive the proper work credits.

Earning Too Much Income

Claimants cannot earn more than a specific amount each month if they wish to qualify for SSD. For 2023, the monthly threshold is $1470 for non-blind individuals and $2460 for those who are blind. Making more than these amounts may lead to a technical denial.

If the Social Security Disability claimant falls under one of these categories, the Social Security Administration won’t even bother looking at their medical history before issuing a denial.

How Can A Missouri Social Security Disability Lawyer Help My Case?

Occasionally, a claimant’s Social Security disability information is miscalculated or misinterpreted. Perhaps the Social Security Administration is missing an essential piece of paperwork that can prove that you are in fact eligible for Social Security Disability.

There are many valid reasons why a Social Security Disability technical denial could be made in error, and the Social Security Administration gives you 60 days to appeal if you feel this has happened to you.

Of course, you could handle the matter alone, but the odds of successfully combatting the technical denial are higher with the help of a Social Security disability lawyer in Springfield, Missouri.

The Krebs Law Firm provides free consultations for Social Security Disability claimants, and we don’t get paid unless we win you the compensation you deserve. Set up your appointment with us without delay. You can reach our office at 417-883-5886 or toll free at 800-345-0535.

A Social Security disability lawyer in Springfield, Missouri can help make the process of getting the full amount you’re owed much easier. The Krebs Law Firm offers free consultations, and all it takes is giving us a call today.

Whether you’re making an initial Social Security Disability claim or striving to make an appeal, The Krebs Law Firm knows the ins and outs of the application process and offers free consultations to potential clients. You have nothing to lose by contacting us and everything to gain.

If you seek the help of a Social Security Disability attorney in Missouri with your claim, the Krebs Law Firm has years of experience in helping our clients receive the full amount of Social Security Disability benefits that they rightly deserve in as timely a manner as possible. We know the ins and outs of the Social Security Disability process and would be happy to work with you.

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