Discussing Your Arkansas Social Security Disability Case With Doctors

If you’re recently disabled and looking to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, multiple steps are involved. The Social Security Administration may require you speak to a medical professional of their choosing to determine the legitimacy of your disability and whether or not it’s severe enough to qualify.

How a claimant speaks and acts during this meeting, which is formally known as a consultative examination, can potentially make or break your Arkansas Social Security disability case.

If in doubt, consider reaching out to an Arkansas Social Security disability lawyer for help.

There are two simple pieces of advice that can go a long way: Be specific. And be honest.

If your doctor asks how you are feeling, don’t give a vague answer like “I’m fine” or “I’m hurting all over.” A lack of details won’t help your case.

It’s easier for a physician to make an informed decision about a patient’s condition when they have specific information to work with. Explain in detail about which body parts hurt and how frequently you suffer pain.

Honesty is the always best policy, but this is especially true for your Arkansas Social Security disability case. Your natural inclination might be underplay your disability because you don’t want to appear weak.

Trying to be tough and make your injury sound less serious than it actually is will cast doubt on whether you really need Social Security disability benefits.

But you don’t want to overstate your injuries and the pain either. Being overly dramatic or expressing that you’re in constant pain and agony when you’re not really can impact your credibility and may cause your physician to become suspicious.

Just be straightforward and honest regarding your condition. Don’t milk your injuries, but don’t understate them either.

It’s often the unspoken things that tell doctors the most about their patients. During your examination, your physician will likely be closely watching your body language. How you move and behave.

If you claim to have a herniated disc while moving your neck around extensively, your actions won’t match your words and potentially arouse suspicion.

A consultative examination is meant to be short, direct, and simple. You want to do everything you can to accurately convey your disability to your physician. Being frank, honest, and straightforward is the best way to do that.

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