Can A Favorable Missouri Social Security Disability Case Be Reversed?

If you’ve become disabled and applied for Social Security disability, then you already know about their extensive application process.  Finally being told that your Missouri Social Security disability claim has been accepted by your claim processor can give you a tremendous sense of relief.

But did you know that it’s still possible to receive a follow up message telling you that after further examination, your Missouri Social Security disability case has been denied?

It’s rare, but a favorable Missouri Social Security Disability claim can occasionally be reversed. It can happen to anyone, so it’s important that you be prepared for that possibility when making a claim.

Why Can A Favorable Missouri Social Security Disability Case Be Reversed?

There are several channels that claimants go through before their Social Security disability case is ultimately accepted or denied, and the Social Security Administration works to ensure that the right policies and procedures are carried out by them.

Occasionally, they will pull random cases (about 1 in every 100) for examination and review, known as a disability quality review.

It may take several weeks or months to review it, which will unfortunately put your claim in limbo until a verdict is reached.

During this review process, they will examine how accurately or thoroughly the case was handled. Once that is done, the case is then returned to the original claim processor with notes. This may include them urging the processor to change their decision.

Whether they do or not is ultimately the original claim processor’s decision, but they will have a strong incentive to avoid potentially jeopardizing their own jobs.

How Can I Make Sure My Missouri Social Security Disability Decision Is Favorable?

Even though it’s rare, anyone applying for Social Security Disability runs the risk of having their claim denied after it had previously been accepted.

The best way to ensure a favorable result that sticks is for a claimant to provide as much accurate information as possible.

This will increase the strength of their case so that it stands up to potential scrutiny. Consider reaching out to a Missouri Social Security disability lawyer for advice.

There’s still a chance that even your best efforts will result in a disability claim denial, either from the start or after being reviewed by the Social Security Administration. You may find this denial to be unfair or inaccurate.

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Of course, you could handle the matter alone, but the odds of successfully combatting a denial are higher with the help of a Missouri Social Security disability lawyer.

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