Protect Yourself From Increased Summer Risk of Missouri Workplace Injuries

When the weather heats up and the kids get out of school, many families look forward to their summer vacations. But for many workers, that excess heat presents many unique dangers for Missouri workplace injuries.

A strong awareness of these factors, combined with proactive safety measures, can go a long way in ensuring your well-being at work during the warmest time of the year.

Excessive Summer Heat

Many blue-collar jobs are performed outside in the intense heat. Whether you’re a construction worker, road worker, roofer or work any other outdoor occupation, having the sun beat down on you for hours on end can have an adverse effect on your physical health.

It’s not uncommon for outdoor workers to suffer dehydration or heat stroke. Heat-related exhaustion can cause a worker to make a careless or potentially dangerous mistake that results in significant injury or even death.

It can also exacerbate existing medical conditions, creating a high-risk environment.

Staying hydrated and taking frequent breaks in shaded or air-conditioned areas can help prevent heat-related issues. Employees should wear light, breathable clothing and use personal protective equipment that is appropriate for hot conditions.

Companies must ensure that their workers are educated about the signs of heat-related illnesses, and that there’s a clear protocol for providing immediate medical attention if necessary.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And that’s particularly true in the context of heat-related workplace injuries.

More Traffic on The Roads

Summer is a time of freedom for many families and an ideal time to travel. School is out, and many families are traveling for vacation all across the country. This means an influx of more drivers on the road.

The more drivers on the road, the higher likelihood of a vehicle-related accident. Road construction and utility workers have to deal with, not only the heat, but also the potential danger of recklessly driven vehicles veering off the road and striking them.

Workers need to remain alert for any approaching vehicle and try to remain as far away from the traveled part of the road as their work allows.

Truckers and other workers who drive vehicles for a living need to be alert to increased road traffic as well. Due to their sheer size, truck accidents in particular are usually significantly more devastating than other vehicle accidents and much more likely to result in injury or death.

Maneuvering around other drivers becomes a much more harrowing task when the road is full of them. No doubt you know the importance of being aware of your surroundings, and that’s especially essential during the summer months.

Extra caution should be practiced in adhering to speed limits, maintaining safe distances, and being extra vigilant about road conditions. Employers should reiterate the importance of safe driving practices to minimize the risk of accidents.

Increased Construction Activity

The construction industry capitalizes on the longer daylight hours and less inclement weather, resulting in more construction projects underway. With more workers on site, the potential for accidents, unfortunately, multiplies.

The combination of operating heavy machinery, working at heights, and managing large, potentially unstable loads increases the risk of injuries. It’s essential for everyone involved in a construction project to diligently follow safety regulations and employ best practices to minimize these hazards.

More Seasonal and Temporary Workers

The summer months often mean a higher prevalence of temporary or seasonal workers. Industries like agriculture, tourism, and hospitality often hire extra hands to handle the seasonal surge.

But these temporary workers may not be as well-versed with safety protocols as their full-time counterparts, leading to an elevated risk of accidents. Employers should ensure adequate training for all workers, regardless of their tenure, and reemphasize the importance of safety protocols.

This also applies to many workers taking their family vacations during the summer. This can result in understaffing and the remaining employees having to work longer hours or perform tasks they aren’t typically assigned to, thus increasing the risk of workplace injuries.

It is crucial for employers to plan ahead to avoid overworking their staff and to ensure that all employees are competent in the tasks they’re assigned.

We’re Here To Help

Despite your best efforts, Missouri workplace accidents and injuries can still occur. If you find yourself in such a situation, know that help is available. An experienced Missouri workers’ compensation attorney can provide invaluable assistance if you’re injured on the job.

We can help you navigate the complex process of filing a claim, dealing with insurance companies, and ensuring that you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. In many cases, having an attorney can significantly increase the likelihood of a successful claim.

A Missouri workers’ compensation attorney can advise you on your rights and responsibilities under the law, so you’re fully informed about what to expect throughout the process.

We’ll guide you step by step, providing reassurance and expertise, and advocate for your best interests. We understand the nuances of workplace safety regulations and compensation laws, and we’re committed to ensuring you receive fair treatment.

The risks of workplace injuries escalate during the summer, but being aware of these potential dangers and taking proactive measures can mitigate these risks significantly.

Remember to take care of your health, adhere to safety guidelines, and stay vigilant at all times. However, if an unfortunate workplace injury does occur, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional workers’ compensation attorney to protect your rights and secure the support you need. Your safety and wellbeing should always be the priority, regardless of the season.

Summer is a dangerous time of year for workplace injuries, but being alert to the dangers the season presents can go a long way in keeping you from becoming part of the statistic. If you find yourself suffering a workplace injury and are seeking the Missouri Worker’s Compensation that you deserve, The Krebs Law Firm can help.

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